DC International, Inc. is the unparalleled industry leader setting the standards for logistics, safety, environmental, project management and consultants. We are experienced in all areas of drilling, completion, workovers, production, and construction both domestically and internationally, offshore and land.

DC International Logistics Coordinators are trained utilizing our exclusive in-house program.  Our program allows training and professional development by providing the highest level of personnel performance and client satisfaction at minimum time and cost!

DC International Health, Safety and Environment Consultants offers convenient, cost effective solutions from a Knowledgeable Team of Professionals.  Our Team is trained not only in Federal and State regulations but also Client specific requirements related to drilling, completion, workover, production, and construction!


DC International’s Training program incorporates the IADC Rig Pass, SafeGulf and SafeLand programs with accrediations for training all onshore and offshore programs. By bringing the new program to DC International in 2012 allows a full service provider to our Clients!

In today’s drilling world, ensuring that you Contractor is up to date on the safety regulations and needed govenmental specifications is a MUST. By using DC International’s Rig Inspection Personnel as a 3rd Party to you and the Contractor, you receive a unbiased compliance inspection to help ensure your Contractor’s quality and compliance.

 As today’s offshore needs increase for experienced personnel, DC International has what you need to stay compliant with the higher governmental standards. Our SEMS Coordinators work with Customers, Contractors, Federal, and State regulatory groups to ensure your rig is compliant with the necessary regulations.

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We build the person to meet the client's needs! Proactive not Reactive approach to business!


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DC International, Inc.
701 Robley Drive, Suite 115
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DC International, Inc. will set the standard by which others are measured by providing creative, productive personnel who are committed to continual improvements and empowered to think outside the box.


To be a highly branded industry leader, operating in multiple locations, with expanded in-demand services and a reputation for consistently raising the bar.


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